B2022- 6 Days to go…

It is in these frantic final days before the Opening Ceremony of an event that you learn a lot about your team and the people around them.

This is where the ethos of “RGYeswecan” comes into play. Now is the time where you need to dig in and just get it done and that’s exactly what our B2022 project team are doing.

Hand in hand we work with the B2022 Logistics and Village teams to help with the final preparations in the lead up to the Games.

Our RGS FF&E is being assembled, bumped in and set up in the anticipation of imminent Athlete arrivals.

Our team is on the ground helping with last minute orders, final deliveries and anything else that’s required of them.

We’re there to offer a helping hand to our friends and colleagues at the Organising Committee if and when they need it, even our CEO is getting on the tools to help. Because that’s what the final week leading into a Major Event actually looks like.

It’s always a race to the finish but come next Thursday night when the Opening Ceremony begins, everything will be ready, and the world will sit back and witness a truly spectacular event.

This will only be possible thanks to all the hard work by the amazing people involved in the lead up and all the blood, sweat and tears that have happened over these last few manic weeks.
Birmingham… Bring. It. On!

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