B2022 - How good was that?!

The Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games is over. Bump out is still ongoing but for some of us we finally have a chance to sit back, take a breath and reflect on all that was achieved.
If you’ve ever worked on a Major Event, you know that getting to the end of a project like this is an unusual feeling. 

The stress, chaos, and madness of those frantic final few weeks before the Opening Ceremony, followed by the spectacle of Games Time and then straight into Bump Out before you have even had a chance to digest what just happened, it can leave you dazed and confused.
You’ve been working around the clock for years for this event, which in what feels like a matter of minutes is now over. 
As the Games concludes, your colleagues, suppliers and Games friends who you’ve made along the way start to leave. They either go back to their old life before the Games or onto whatever exciting event is next. 
For the RGS team there’s no time to sit back and reflect though, as we need to pick ourselves up and refocus our energy for the Bump Out operation. 

It’s different this time though, you’re no longer working towards an Opening Ceremony but to a Venue Use Agreement deadline, which is far less exciting although equally as important.
The Games were an absolute hit and Birmingham really turned it on for visitors and locals alike. Blue skies (most of the time), beautiful canals, friendly faces and gold medals galore (for the Aussies at least). 

I don’t know anyone who visited for the Games that didn’t leave with a smile on their face and a special place in their heart for the city of Birmingham.
To our amazing RGS team, our B2022 co-workers, our many brilliant suppliers and everyone else who helped us deliver this incredible project, Thank You! 
Everyone involved went above and beyond and it was clear for all to see.

From Giant Deck Chairs to Pallet Furniture, Pink Lickey Lilac Diving Chairs and White Picket Fences for the puppies... As it always is, this event was so much more than just Tables & Chairs. 
The work however is not yet over, we still have another few weeks of trucks to depart the OC warehouse off to our Charity & Dissolution partners, full to the brim of FF&E. 
Congratulations to the entire B2022 team, you delivered a truly outstanding Commonwealth Games and it was a privilege to be a part of it!
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