What is FF&E?

FF&E stands for Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment but what exactly is FF&E?

We like to explain FF&E using the following analogy. If you take a Stadium or Athlete’s Village and tip it upside down, everything that falls out is what we put in, this is all FF&E.

That includes everything from the obvious items like Folding Tables and Chairs, Desks and Lockers, Beds and Wardrobes. Through to the more obscure FF&E items like Coat Hangers, Dog Bowls and even Toilet Brushes. On a typical large-scale event we might supply more than 250 different FF&E items and on almost every event there will be something new and exciting added to the FF&E mix.

That’s one of the many reasons why we love FF&E. It’s so all-encompassing that every project will have their own unique FF&E requirements and therefore no two projects are ever the same. One day it’s a request for 100 Yoga Mats and the next it’s 10 Pedicure Chairs for a salon at the Village. It’s these unique FF&E requests that ensure it’s never a dull day for our international sourcing team.

Pictured here are examples of some of the more interesting pieces of FF&E that we supplied to our recent Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games project. As you can see FF&E is so much more than just Tables and Chairs.


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